Vegfest is a FREE event!

MAY 11TH 2019 10AM-6PM

Mississauga Vegfest is back for another exciting day, celebrating all things vegan, plant-based, and animal-friendly. Veganism has exploded in popularity and we are dedicated to educating and supporting vegans and the veg-curious about this ethical lifestyle in a welcoming, family-friendly environment. Come find out why MVF is one of Ontario’s biggest Vegfests!

  • “The event was great. Really well organized, loved the kids sanctuary area, great mix of vendors inside and outside of the building, volunteers were helpful, location was great too - right near a go station if you weren't driving or walking.”
    — MeShell Gudz
  • “Had a great time here today! So many great vendors. Lots to eat. Big crowd! All the volunteers were super helpful and nice. All around fantastic event.”
    — Lauren Pefhany
  • “Well organized and hard to believe this was their first vegfest cause it was so organized and so busy!! Well done and I will definitely be back next year”
    — Sunita Pace
  • “Great! Can't remember the last time I had so many options I wanted to eat. Was crowded and a bit tricky to maneuver a stroller but was happy to see so many turned out.”
    — Eric Knudson
  • “Well done! The vendors and food were terrific! Lots of positive vibes in the air. Had a great time! Looking forward to next year.”
    — Theresa Stairs

Watch the highlight video from our 2018 Vegfest!

Video courtesy of Creators At Play